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    I grew up in the Bay Area where I spent most of my time driving around suburbs and being a movie nerd. In 2005 my father and I began acting together in various community theaters and bonded over it. After entering college at UCLA in 2010, I had a few life-changing experiences/altercations with Grotowski and the 'physical theater.' They helped me feel good about acting.

    I think about generational gaps, psychedelic drugs, the occult, the cosmos, the desert, the tundra, nostalgia vs futurism as motivating societal forces, how the internet is changing my brain, music, Reese's Pieces, my family in Tennessee and how much I love the South, my family in Michigan and how I dont understand the Midwest, the death drive, love, found footage, how to prepare for my death, Los Angeles as an amorphous city, and how long it's been since I was in the woods, how the poor graphical capabilities of the video games that filled my youth excited my imagination more than HD 3D 1080p Virtual Reality, if my love of hip-hop and/or gay culture is cultural appropriation, how great the United States is at recuperating radical ideas into easy digestibles.






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